Are you looking for a professional cleaning service that never misses a detail? Well, stop right here. We’re who you are looking for.


For residential customers our services are as follows:

We clean every room in your house to your specific, customized cleaning plan. We clean from top to bottom, including those cobwebs hiding in the corners of your ceiling (yuck) and we also do carpet cleaning mesa az. We clean light fixtures and ceiling fans. We clean from the top down as to be most efficient in removing the dust and dirt from your home. From the ceiling we move down to shelves, counters and other surfaces. We then vacuum your furniture (using a vacuum with HEPA filters), including under all cushions. Your custom order can include the changing of bed linens and towels. Speaking of custom orders, you can provide a checklist to your professional cleaning team to make sure all your expectations are met. We will wipe all surfaces to remove harmful bacteria, cold-causing germs and allergens. It’s like Vitamin C for your home! The finishing details include emptying wastebaskets and garbage so that your home will have a look you can be proud of.

Let us give you more details of what we do in each room:
Bathrooms: Washing and sanitizing showers, toilets and cleaning the vanities.
Kitchens: Washing and sanitizing counter tops, wiping cupboard fronts, tables and chairs. If chairs are upholstered, they will be vacuumed as well. Mopping floors.
Living Rooms: As we stated above, vacuuming under couch cushions, vacuuming furniture and carpeting, dusting and cleaning all surfaces. We use microfiber wipes to keep the dust in the cloth, not in the air.
Stone and ceramic floor scrubbing.

We clean apartments, small houses and big houses. We’d even clean a tree house if that’s what you needed us to do.

We are extra careful around your delicate items. We know your things are priceless to you.

We use environmentally friendly/safe cleansers. We don’t use bleach or ammonia. We wouldn’t want to spill either of those on carpeting!

windowcleaningIf you like the person that cleaned your house the first time, let us know. We will send that same person every time if possible.

Call us for an estimate of what it would cost to save you the time and energy of cleaning your own home when your life is so busy. You can even sign up for our newsletter. For our subscribers there are special offers.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, we have gift certificates. Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise for someone before the holiday?! What a time saver for them.

We are insured, licensed and bonded. All professional cleaners are screened by a background check. Including confirmed Social Security Number and picture ID.